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Residential and Commercial House Washing

We offer an extensive range of services to maintain your home or building both before and after it is painted.

We specialise in pre-paint water blasting and our method of cleaning ensures that your home or building is not in any way harmedduring the clean. All wooden joinery is brush washed to make sure as little water as possible can get through the gaps.

Some surfaces require paint or stain to be stripped back before a new coating can be applied. We have the knowledge, products and method to ensure this is done to the highest possible standard, thus leaving your home or building free from harm and the desired surface to apply the new coating, whether that be stain or paint.

house washing

We recommend soft washing your home or building annually to keep the surfaces free from moss, mould and grime build up. This will greatly improve the lifespan of the home or building as well as the paintwork.

We offer a Soft Wash, Brush Wash and Chemical Wash service to make sure this is done to the highest possible standard. We can also take care of your exterior windows while we are there. We can book in your annual clean and keep a track of when you should be looking to wash your home after it has been painted, to ensure maximum life span of the paintwork.

Roof surfaces are vulnerable to growing moss and mould quicker and more intensely than other areas of a home or building. Whether it be a pre-paint roof clean or a general maintenance clean, we are experienced in bringing your roof back to a high standard and make sure any moss and mould spores are thoroughly cleaned and treated before a new coat ofpaint is applied.


Coming into winter is especially a good time to getyour gutters checked and if required, cleared and cleaned. During the different seasons, leaves and other debris falls into gutter systems and eventually mulches down and blocks the system both in the guttering and the downpipes. This is a huge threat to your home as the water often has nowhere else to go thanover the sides of the guttering and back inside your home. There is never a bad time of year to have your gutters checked for piece of mind and we strongly recommend an annual check and/or clean out.

Driveways and Decking

No matter how big or small your driveway, car park or decking areas are, we will clean the surfaces and ensure no damage is done to the areas. There is a method of cleaning wooden decking that does not harm or leave prominent markings on the surface. You can be assured that we are well experienced in this area of cleaning and that you can have your deck, car park and driveway looking like new again.