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Your home is a valuable asset and keeping paintwork well-maintained, both inside and out, is an important part of ensuring it stays that way.

When you invest in the professional service offered by Vincent Painting, your interior and exterior paintwork will be finished to the highest standards. Your home will be well-protected – and will look great too.

We have a reputation for honesty and integrity that has kept us in business for 20 years. Our clients know we will respect their property, and they can trust any member of our team in their home.

From the smallest domestic paint job, to complete re-decoration in multi-million dollar mansions, Vincent Painting brings outstanding professional skills and the highest standards of working practice into your home.

What to Expect from us:

At Vincent Painting we take professional pride in all our work. By working to the following guidelines you can be assured that our work meets the highest standards:

  • Furniture, floors and carpet to be protected while work is in progress on the interior of your home.
  • All areas around your business or home, including shrubs and paths, to be protected while we work on the exterior of your home.
  • All exterior surfaces to be painted thoroughly washed and cleaned to help new paint adhere to the existing surface.
  • Mildew, which can attack and degrade paint, to be treated and killed to help new paint adhere to the existing surface.
  • Water marks, smoke stains, pen marks to be treated with sealer to prevent bleeding through the new paint.
  • Loose paint removed by scraping or sanding and, if necessary, further sanding carried out for maintenance or cosmetic considerations.
  • Appropriate primer applied to all bare wood and metal to assure proper adhesion of new paint, and help prevent future peeling.
  • Loose gap filler removed and replaced and new gaps, cracks and holes filled with appropriate filler, sanded and primed.
  • Glossy surfaces dulled by sanding and undercoated to ensure proper paint adhesion.
  • Quality materials to be used throughout to get the best results and last longer.
  • Excess paint removed from windows and area left clean and tidy.
  • Paint left in labelled containers for future touch-up jobs.
  • Work completed in a neat and professional manner by skilled staff who are polite, friendly and efficient.

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